Web copywriting and content strategy to help small businesses with their finances

Intuit’s mission is to ‘simplify the business of life’. In the UK, its main product is QuickBooks, accounting software to help businesses with tasks like invoicing and tax returns.

The company is expanding in the UK, providing new services, advice, information and support to the small business community.

Working with Intuit since 2010

In 2010 I was brought in to assist Intuit with the launch of a new version of its QuickBooks Desktop accounting software.

That project saw me create marketing content for the company’s redesigned UK website.

To do this, I needed to understand the company’s brand guidelines and positioning and learn enough about the product to craft compelling, benefit-led content.

Continued content expertise

Following that successful launch, I have worked on a whole range of content projects with Intuit. These have included:

  • Web content for the UK launch of QuickBooks Online, the company’s cloud accounting software
  • Landing page content for paid and organic search pages, aiming to increase conversions
  • Email marketing campaigns aimed both at current customers and prospects
  • Case studies, interviewing small business owners to understand how Intuit services have helped them
  • Web content for the launch of Intuit Pay, a service allowing businesses to accept card payments easily
  • Content marketing via business advice articles that are promoted through social media and organic search

My work with Intuit has seen me collaborate closely with people from across the company, including marketing leaders, product managers, analysts and user experience consultants.

I have also been involved in usability sessions, where I’ve seen at first-hand how people interact with my content.

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