Less waffle, more direction

Content strategy is deciding what you really want to say

It’s about them, not you

Content strategy is about your audience. Specifically, it’s determining who you’re talking to, what interests them, and what problems you can solve for them.

That information allows you to identify your strongest messages and find the best ways to convey them.

How I do content strategy

Content strategy is the first step to creating a great website, app or anything else that involves content. It starts with research:

  • Competitor research, to understand who you’re up against and where you fit in the market.
  • Audience research, to understand the people you want to reach. Who are they? What motivates them?
  • Client research, to understand your business. What do you want to achieve? What do you care about?
  • Technology research, because there is a myriad of ways to deliver content. Which is right for you?

Content strategy needs you

Although I can do much of the work independently, content strategy is a team effort. I need your help: to learn about your organisation, your aims and your existing content.

I’ll want to get you thinking about how content can work for your business too. So expect us to have regular conversations as we get to grips with your content strategy.

Usually, the result is a comprehensive report. This describes how to organise your content logically, what content you need and how to start creating it.

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