Conversion diversion?

Don't let the small things stand in the way of a sale

Effortless buying online

When someone has chosen to ‘Buy Now’ on your website, you’ve done the hardest bit. They’re no longer just an interested visitor — they’re a red hot lead.

But your work isn’t over. To seal the deal, your sign-up or checkout process must be simple. When buying is effortless, people do it more. (That’s why Amazon has a 1-Click option.)

Better customer service

If customers tend to interact with your business online, making it easy for them to do so is a way to deliver good service. You can add a personal touch by using the right tone and language.

And the details really matter. In an online form, vague errors, dead ends and unclear labels will reduce your conversion rate and frustrate your customers.

These short chunks of text are called microcopy, or user experience (UX) content. They make life easy for your users, directly affecting conversion and customer satisfaction.

UX content for web, mobile and more

I write UX content and microcopy for sign-up processes, online checkout systems and more. I’ll ensure every label and message is clear, helpful and reflects your brand voice.

In the mobile world, microcopy is even more important. There’s less space for lengthy explanations and the attention span of users may be short … which makes it vital to get to the point.

If you’ve never spent time refining and testing the text on your forms and control panels, you’ll be surprised at what a difference microcopy can make to your business.

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