Extra-strength mobile app content

Highly concentrated — use sparingly

Every word matters on a small screen

These days, there’s a mobile app for almost everything. In such a crowded market, it can be hard for yours to get noticed.

The best mobile apps are simple and elegant to use. They do what they’re meant to, but they do it with enough style to be remembered.

Content for your mobile app

Often (but not always), people are task-focused and pressed for time when they fire up an app. For this reason, mobile apps should be intuitive, requiring little explanatory text.

Besides, you don’t have the luxury of space for long explanations on a small screen. Your mobile app’s content needs to be clear and concise, to make sure users understand what your app does and how to use it.

Use only in small quantities

Because mobile apps tend to be light on text, every word matters. You can’t possibly say everything, so you should only say what you really need to.

Language and tone are important, too — especially if you’re trying to make your app stick in people’s minds.

I’ll carry your brand voice through every aspect of your app, injecting character that ensures users will remember you long after closing your mobile app.

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