Strike a chord on the web

I'm a tip-top web copywriter who'll make sure your website chimes with the people that matter

Web copywriting is important

What your website says is just as important as how it looks. That’s where a good web copywriter (hi there) can help.

It could be a simple site or a complex beast with hundreds of pages. Either way, its content is crucial to achieving your objectives, such as increasing conversion rates or boosting enquiries.

How I do web copywriting

A successful web copywriting project starts with a conversation. We can talk over the phone or in person so I can understand:

  • What your business is about. I need to understand who you are and what you do.
  • Who your customers are. We have to convince them to buy your product or contact you.
  • What you want to achieve. Are you trying to sell more or generate extra enquiries?
  • Which competitors keep you awake at night. I’ll help you get out in front, and stay there.

Web copywriters are different

Web copywriting isn’t the same as writing a brochure, a poster or a letter. People read differently online, scanning pages quickly instead of reading every single word.

And as the web changes, web copywriting is changing too. Mobile websites and responsive web design means content has to be more versatile than ever.

That’s why you need a web copywriter.

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