Another day, another blog

I got a new phone in January. It’s a SonyEricsson K800i on Vodafone, and while it’s not exactly the best handset can buy, it is pretty good.

I was playing about with the camera the other day when I found an addictive new feature. One-click blogging. Well, almost one-click blogging.

I pulled the menu up by accident when I pressed the wrong button. ‘Blog this’ it said. And it really did. All I had to do was enter a title and some text for the post, and it published it. Straight away.

Sure, blogging while on the move is nothing new. But it was the easy setup that got me. I didn’t have to do anything complicated or set anything up in advance. My new blog was created on the fly when I pressed ‘Publish’.

Just to make it a nice experience all round, I was texted some login details for These let me choose an address for the blog, change the design and everything.

I’ve no idea what it’s costing me in data charges, but it’s really addictive. I imagine I’ll keep it up at least until I get my next bill. See it for yourself.

I’ve never really had a decent reason to use data on my mobile before. It’s always been a bit of a novelty. But now 3G means everything loads nice and quickly. Between the blogging, National Rail’s live train departures and Gmail’s handy mobile email client, I really can do useful things on a tiny screen.

4 responses to “Another day, another blog”

  1. Matt says:

    Nice! My Sony Ericsson doesn’t do that :( I was introduced to something very interesting yesterday: Spin-my-Blog. You speak into your phone, and your words are converted into text and sent straight to your blog. Very cool.

  2. I would say don’t even try it unless you know what your network charges for data. At over £2 a picture, my little experiment was rather pricey. I’ll try again once Vodafone sort out their data bundles…

  3. Joff says:

    You’ll want T-Mobile’s Web ‘n’ Walk tariff, then :)

  4. […] my last slightly-abortive attempt at mobile blogging (I blame Vodafone’s data charges), I’m going to try uploading photos to my Flickr […]

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