I just spent twenty minutes…

Facebook ad… writing a post about inappropriate advertising on Facebook. But then WordPress destroyed all my hard work.

That means you’ll just have to make do with a screenshot of the advert that prompted the rant. I think it speaks for itself. It could’ve come straight from a piece of junk email. Honestly – don’t they have an advertising policy?

One response to “I just spent twenty minutes…”

  1. Joff says:

    Ah, but the beauty of these ‘sponsored polls’ is that the creator can target exactly who they want. You pay about a dollar per vote, so if you want a 100 voters, that’s $100. You can choose voters by network – eg. London, University of Reading… or perhaps even by other things like taste in music, maritial status, etc. etc.

    So you obviously mean something to them. Perhaps they know you’re not an alpha male?

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