BBC caption writers slip up?

Image and caption from BBC NewsThere’s a story on the BBC News site today covering a series of rallies against climate change in Australia. The caption on the accompanying photo caught my eye:

“Australians are the biggest polluters in the world”

The story itself doesn’t seem to completely agree with that fact, saying only that Australia “is one of the worst polluters in the world, on a per capita basis”.

I can’t find anything online to suggest that the USA isn’t the biggest polluter (in terms of carbon emissions), both in absolute terms and on a per capita basis. Here’s one example. So I reckon the caption on the picture is just plain wrong.

It’s hardly the end of the world, but a little misleading all the same. I’ve emailed to let them know. Be interesting to see whether they change it.

3 responses to “BBC caption writers slip up?”

  1. Joff says:

    You’ll be delighted to hear they’ve corrected their caption.

  2. johnmcga says:

    Lovely. Though if this article is anything to go by, they might have to change it back again soon!

  3. Gary Storm says:

    Yikes! a bit harsh.

    We have a very small population, and are an ‘advanced’ nation (hence use alot of electrickery), so per capita, probably, yeah. There aren’t many of us here.

    We also have a very pro-environment govt now who signed up to Kyoto straight away etc etc. The Howard govt was more into business than environment. This govt is more balanced. China and India are pretty bad atm for the environment… and will get alot worse… they have a hell of alot more people there to pollute with.

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