Stuck in the Slough lane

Bus in SloughIf anyone’s landed a difficult marketing job, it’s got to be whoever’s in charge of encouraging people to use Slough’s buses more. Buses aren’t sexy at the best of times – put one in Slough and you have a real challenge.

This copy on the back of a spanking new bus there caught my eye. The “warp drive (OK, not warp drive)” line’s a refreshing bit of honesty, but then they went and spoilt it all by claiming it’s “a cool way to go to work”.

Copywriting rule #1: if you have to point out the fact that something’s cool, it very definitely isn’t.

Still, eight out of ten for effort. Like I said, it’s a tough job.

One response to “Stuck in the Slough lane”

  1. Joff says:

    At least somebody in Slough has a sense of humour…!

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