Remember the setting of your copy

Jupiter Investments posterRegular readers will be worried I’ve been spending too much time in Sainsbury’s lately. No worries – I also get to enjoy the exciting surrounds of Reading station twice a day, every day.

Amongst the commuting hordes, school children and free newspapers (incidentally, is it only me who finds these an insidious nuisance?) I have spotted the occasional piece of good copy.

This poster is one of them. The advert’s for Jupiter Asset Management.

They’ve obviously worked out that their target demographic passes through the station. And their copywriter’s thought up a decent line which is both appropriate to the setting and makes you want to read futher.

‘Don’t buy a standard return’ – nice work.

2 responses to “Remember the setting of your copy”

  1. A commuter says:

    It’s excellent. Makes me laugh every time I see it. I liked the one about ‘Girls just want to have funds’ too.

  2. John says:

    I didn’t spot that one – it’s even better!

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