Subway: good marketing, so-so sandwiches

Morning has brokenSubway. Love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t get away from them. Really, you can’t. A quick check reveals eight branches in my home town of Reading alone.

That’s more than one town needs. In fact, it’s probably more than the entire south east of England needs.

Still, while you might not be a fan of their ubiquitous food (or the nasty smell they pump out) they must be doing something right.

This is one franchise that’s expanded like mad over the last couple of year and if there’s a built-up area in Britain without a Subway, well, I doubt it’ll be lacking one for very much longer.

Their marketing isn’t too shabby either. I walk past two(!) most days, and for the last couple of weeks they’ve had a nice bit of copy on a poster in the window. You can probably make it out from my poor photo, but just in case, here’s what it says:

“Morning has broken. Fix it.”

Why do I like this? It’s a reasonable pun. It’s short and snappy and it sticks in your mind. And it’s totally relevant to the product they’re advertising: breakfast.

In fact, I reckon it’s the best poster copy I’ve seen in quite some time. So say what you like about their food, but they’ve obviously got someone in who can put together a decent line for a poster. I’d give them 2/10 for the sandwiches, but 8/10 for the copy. Good work.

One response to “Subway: good marketing, so-so sandwiches”

  1. Matt says:

    It’s a brilliant pun. Just about the only thing that makes me smile when walking to the train station first thing in the morning…

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