Is that really a good place for your tagline?

tranforming_travel_readyI spotted this notice getting off the train the other day.

The First Great Western tagline seems to be “transforming travel”. And perhaps they are.

But sticking it on what amounts to an out of order sign for the toilet doesn’t seem to project the intended impression of their brand.

Transforming travel? What, one broken loo at a time?

Big companies love their taglines. It’s a shame they don’t always use a bit of commonsense when deciding where they should be displayed.

One response to “Is that really a good place for your tagline?”

  1. Simon Wicks says:

    Unfortunate juxtapositions are everywhere. This isn’t on the same level of corporate incompetence, since it was spotted in a small supermarket in Wandsworth, but it made me smile:

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